Happy Birthday Mini Me!!

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Fifteen years ago, this girl made an entrance to say the least. She took me out, while coming out. LOL, thankful the doctors brought me back and I was able to see the face I had been waiting to see for 9 months. Through all our bad days, I’m more excited for a great days! We laugh, joke, argue and cry together. But this is the first person to call me “Mommy” and I’m proud of that. Proud of who she has become (an asshole, just like her mom) a good hearted and kind person.

Soon she will not only be driving me crazy, but driving around these streets. Happy Birthday Xaria!! I love ya!!


2017 J.R.O.T.C Military Ball


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Just thought I’d share some moments for my daughter’s first time in formal wear. She looks amazing!!

Autism Walk For A Difference

Thanks for all the support, donation and the time to put #TeamZay together!!!


I been a very busy worker bee. Between regular life, being a mom and work. I have signed up to be on the “Bring Your Child To Work” committee and snack committee to raise money to fund our program. Administration wanted to see it come back minus the giving us the money to do so, so we are doin bake sales to fund it. Trust its become more of a headache and disrespecting my pockets. But its for a great cause, so why not? The end game is to make sure the kids have fun!

Also, as you guys know its #AutismAwareness month and I have been going in. We did a show on the (podcast) about Autism….working on a part 2. I’m trying to share knowledge on Autism and how effects familys and trying to get people to be more understand and sympathetic. I’m also fundraising for a walk I participated in last year called A Walk For A Difference of course I’m walking for my son #TeamZay but I also am walking for those who are comfortable with sharing their story, every person and their families as well.

On a dating tip, I have enjoy this ride. I’m glad that I get the opportunity to meet someone who is comfortable in his manhood, is respectable and a true gentlemen. He is away on military training and I miss seeing and talking to him.

Just Rambling


Have you ever had so many thought jumble up in the head of yours? Well, with the size of my head you know I got a lot going on up in here. So I got a lot going on in my life right now. So let me clue you guys in from all the sides.

Mom Life

My daughter’s military ball is coming up. I don’t have all the details and I hope we don’t get them so last-minute that I’m rushing. She is also trying out for softball, she played in middle school so hopefully she makes this time or I won’t hear the end of it.

My potato is still stalking me, but he is talking more. Watching him watch movies he has watched for years and saying the words of mimicking the sound of the words makes me happy. He behavior has calmed down some as well. So that is always a plus.

G.F.T Radio (Podcast)

Now after sitting down with my crew we are in the market to make some changes with how we host among other things. So I reached out to 2 radio stations that are local. One black owned, the other I’m not exactly see but the point man had a Spanish last name. I reached out to both expressing my interest, left my contact information. Now that was months ago… nothing as of yet.

After we finally got a logo, we made shirts. They are on the way. We all still have good ideas but we are trying now to figure out when to start one and then see how it works.


I have been dating this gentleman since end of January and so far so good. We enjoy each others company. He met some friends and my family (my daughter & niece). He met them because they were determined to see who this guy was. LOL, they think he nice to me. My niece also let me know he was cute, I had to tell her he is mine. But I’m glad I got their approval. The real test is my Potatoes… he doesn’t like sharing me with anyone. LOL, he is my stalker and he doesn’t care who knows it.


Even though leave laws changes often, I think I finally got the hang of this new job. Some days my brain checks out, but for the most part I think I got it. Over confident? Nah, I just understand way more than when I started out. My boss hasn’t been an issue so that is always good.