Welcome! Thank you for stopping by my blog page. Most of you may say to yourself, hey that chick looks familiar. Well I’m the author of the former blog “Spoken Words & Thoughts” and Creator/Co-Host of the GFT Radio Show (Blog)!! I basically left my old blog to pursue other things and I realized I missed having my own personal blog. So if you know me, you know this blog name fits and if you don’t you will come to find that out!! LOL

A little bit about me I’m of mother of 2 beautiful children a teenage girl and a toodler boy, yes please pray for me. My writing background began in high school to deal with anger issue I had. Poetry was my escape… I wrote one song and currently working on a story. I don’t know if it’s book worthy but one day I hope to finish it and maybe publish it. But I’m looking into publishing 2 different types of poetry books. Details will follow once everything is done.  Writing really helped me throughout my life and I continue to write for that same reason. I hope you guys will enjoy the things that come out of this head of mines!

Also, some of the things from my old blog, will be brought on to this one. I hope you guys will enjoy this ride. And also check out our radio show!! My Co-Hosts are great and I think you will enjoy it!!

Thanks again for stopping in!!



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