Sex Sales, But Has It Sold Us Out?


2017 J.R.O.T.C Military Ball


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Just thought I’d share some moments for my daughter’s first time in formal wear. She looks amazing!!

Watch “Are We Raising An Entitled Generation?” on YouTube

My Crew

Yesterday, I got a last minute invite to my daughter’s sports banquet because she played softball again this year. She is an excellent catcher by the way… their team is undefeated. Before we left the event I got a new picture of us all together.


Her brother wasn’t supposed to be apart of the picture but kept inching in and then we agreed he could me in it, he had to interesting in paying attention to the camera. He prefers selfies and snap chat (blame his big sis for that last one).

But come September I will have a high school student on my hands.


Getting My Potato To Smile

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Co-Parenting & the Role Of Step-Parents/Partners 03/17 by G-F-T Radio | Podcasting Podcasts

Join us as we discuss the roles of step-parents/partners as it relates to how to address their partners’ children OR if they should be doing it at all. Among the topics to be discussed are what’s acceptable/unacceptable in respected roles, blended families, co-parenting after bitter break-ups and financial responsibility. Have something to add? Call in and give your take on the topic at #657# 383-1155. Phone lines will be open from 10:15 PM -11:30 PM #EST#. Catch our previous shows at

Source: Co-Parenting & the Role Of Step-Parents/Partners 03/17 by G-F-T Radio | Podcasting Podcasts