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On The Dance Floor

This past weekend I went out for drinks and good music with my bestie! We went to a spot where all the cougars and sugar daddies hang. So you know it was great music. The kind of music you heard as a kid growing up when your parents how their parties. Somehow we always found out way out of our rooms dancing.

In my family we all are good dancers… I’m working on my son. He is still young. Anyways, as we bobbed out heads to the good music, I watched this older lady. She seemed to be about late 40s or early 50s, she stayed on the floor all night. It was a few other that were out there like her. But she didn’t need or care to have a dance partner, she was vibing and grooving to the beats. I whispered to my bestie, that is gonna be me when I get older.

I swear I love dancing, good music will have me up and out of my seat. I’m no wall flower, play one good song and I’m on it all night. Even in my clubs days, I would order my drink and wait for that one good song that would bring me out to the dance floor.

Other than it being a great work out, I just can’t hear a good beat and just stand there like a bump on a long. Nope, even listening to music wherever I’m moving my body.

Anyone else out there like that?

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On Stress



Yesterday was a stressful day. These were my FB Post for that day:


So you know how my day went once I got home. Needless to say, I didn’t end up enjoying my remainder bottle of wine. You can see how upset I was, I was misspelling words and all. I don’t drink like that but tonight I will have me a glass of wine and relax.

And today is a half day!! Yayyy.. no I won’t be drinking at 12, I have to take my son to speech therapy & occupational therapy, then home! After 5 the cork is off…

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My Weekend



When I say I had a busy weekend, understand I did. The girls and I took a trip to Atlantic City for out friend’s Heather’s birthday. So we booked a hotel for Saturday and Sunday. Road trip start early Saturday morning… here are some of the pictures.

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I’m glad I was able to get a break from all that was happening around me. I needed that girls weekend, it was long over due and perfect timing. Then back to the real world I came to prepare for my Grammy funeral services Monday. It was beautiful service. #KellyStrong


We know that are grandmother is in a better place. No more suffering and she has her babies with her. I miss my mom, aunties and gram very much. But one thing they taught us was to be #KellyStrong and we will keep this big family together!

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How I Feel

Pardon the break I have been on, but I have so much on my plate right now… The last thing on my mind is blogging. But I’m pretty sure blogging is exactly what I need. I have to tell you guys what has been going on with me. So stay tuned I will get time to blog…

Until then….

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My Crew

Yesterday, I got a last minute invite to my daughter’s sports banquet because she played softball again this year. She is an excellent catcher by the way… their team is undefeated. Before we left the event I got a new picture of us all together.


Her brother wasn’t supposed to be apart of the picture but kept inching in and then we agreed he could me in it, he had to interesting in paying attention to the camera. He prefers selfies and snap chat (blame his big sis for that last one).

But come September I will have a high school student on my hands.