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On Grief During The Holidays

For those of us who deal with grief daily and know the holidays are hard. Many may not understand but for those of us that do, your understanding is amazing. To those that love us… know to not take things personal… we are emotional wrecks trying to keep it together and do not want to bring our cloud of gloom your way. Be mindful…


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Mother’s Day

Happy Mother’s Day to All The Mothers and Mother Figures!!! Enjoy your day!! For most of us, it’s just another day in the life info motherhood!! Also, thanks for the text and love shown to us!!

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Happy New Year!

2018 should be a new year for those who seek do overs and get their priorities together. Everyone wants to better themselves but this is the time to use less words and more action. A lot people ended 2017 in misery and are okay with bringing it into 2018. I encourage you to start this year fresh and with a positive outlook. #newyearcanbringaboutnewbeginnings

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Happy Kwanzaa!!

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Music Mondays: Give Love On Christmas Day

It’s all fine and dandy to give gifts, be love is way more important!!