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Watch “Suicide Awareness & Prevention” on YouTube

This past weekend I participated in a Suicide Prevention walk and I thought of this podcast we did. Take a listen and share your thoughts!!


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2 thoughts on “Watch “Suicide Awareness & Prevention” on YouTube

  1. This needs to be heard by more people. The numbers on this are staggering. I have lost a friend to suicide and I’ve lost a couple of students who have died as a result of suicide as well. It’s never easy coping with this and it never gets easy. Prevention is real and we need more people speaking on this.


    1. I agree. When I was a kid, I thought about it before. I had so much going on, and it took for someone on the outside who didn’t know me to shake some sense in me. Depression is real, it doesn’t know color, ages or anything. More people need an outlet and prevention is a big deal. We need to keep discussing this.

      Thanks for listening and commenting!

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