Dear Today,

My mood right now, its way too much going on and I just want my bed and covers. I wanna pretend like somehow it skipped to Friday. 😂😂😂

I know you all have had one of these days. Between limited sleep and general crankiness after the lack of sleep, I either wanna cuss someone out or take a much needed nap until tomorrow at 5am!! 

I’m damn sure not cooking once I get home. So it will be quick food for the crew. Knowing myself I may just say fuck dinner! 

Until my next vent session…. y’all take care.




Screenshots: Evidence or Drama

Are screenshots evidence to prove something or drama waiting to happen? Are text conversations safe anymore? Are screenshots the whole truth and nothing but the truth? How do you feel about screenshots? Should be careful of the conversations we have with people? 

Join G.F.T Radio and our Guest Host Mia as we discuss this topic and so much more!

Music Mondays: Yardcore

My childhood…. lmao djm…

Just My 2 Cents 

People tend to complain about situations they are in and ask for advice only to do nothing. When I encounter people like this I will offer advice and then if you still in that spot I choose to be done with as a whole. I no longer wish to hear about and most importantly care. At this point I have come to the point of your comfortable with this so no need to complain. 

I have told friends and loved ones, I no longer wanna partake in your pity party. If you bring up his or her name, I will step away because all things related to this person could’ve been over with but you love sitting in misery and I don’t want to be invited to that party! 


Saw this and wanted to share it here…