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What’s your funniest drunk story? 05/18

What’s your funniest drunk/high story? Since it’s Sunny’s birthday she wanted to do a fun show, we will share a few drunk stories. Why not laugh and listen to other people’s silly stories of nights when too much alcohol got the best of us, and impaired our judgment causing us to embarrass ourselves? Join in by calling in phone lines open up at 10:15pm (657) 383-1155. You can also tweet us live throughtout the show @gft_radio using the hashtag #GFTRadio

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A fun surprise hearing him say “doggy” and “woof woof”

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Music Mondays: Breakin’ My Heart (Pretty Brown Eyes)

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Watch “Sundresses & Grey Sweatpants” on YouTube

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Autism Walk For A Difference

Thanks for all the support, donation and the time to put #TeamZay together!!!