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Sex w/ Sunny: Toys & Oils


Have you every brought or allowed toys and oils into the bedroom? If so care to share an experience with us? We all are grown here.

Most guys think that toys are simply for the ladies and I’m here to say that toys are for everyone and everyone’s pleasure. In the world of adult toys there are so many ways to help get you off… you have to explore things and what works for you. The toys world extents more than just vibrators, there are creams, oils, swings, whips, chains, paint and so much more.

I promote and use toys. I prefer to use them with my mate or partner. It brings a different kind of excitement to the bedroom, bathroom, shower and where ever you decide to get down.

Most people complain that the sex gets boring, why not add a little spice. If you’re not crazy about toys.. try oils and food. Always good, and messy but mostly good.



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7 thoughts on “Sex w/ Sunny: Toys & Oils

  1. In my relations i am usually the one more into the toys than my partner. I initiate the use from purchase to play. I think toys and oils are great supplements to love making. Perfect example. If im not feeling it for whatever reason. I will most likely grab a toy. To do most of the work then i finish the job. I know i cant just simply roll over and deny my partner. I see it as taking one for the team. Making her get her rocks off without causing a funk in the vibe. I can do that. Toys to the rescue.

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      1. Plenty of reasons. From stress to lack of sleep. Not feeling up to “par”. For me im very in tune with my sexual ability. If i feel my performance is diminished in anyway its not ok with me personally. So i have a “minimum” and that has to be met every time. Thats gauged by each individual partner. Everyone is different


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