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Sex w/ Sunny: Videotaping



Have you ever videotaped yourself pleasuring yourself or pleasuring someone else?


In the social media world, we have all seen videos of people being leaked  so it makes some people more cautious when sharing private videos. Some have even said things like, “no face, no trace”. But have you seriously thought about doing this?

Is it okay to send you mate, if you trust them a video of you or allow them to record you? Should those things remain private? Most like them to either reflect on past encounters, or just to motivate them.

My thoughts on this, are if you really can trust the person you are either sharing this with or sharing these moments with then by all means have fun. Other wise, don’t do it!

Share your thoughts.




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Sex w/ Sunny: Toys & Oils


Have you every brought or allowed toys and oils into the bedroom? If so care to share an experience with us? We all are grown here.

Most guys think that toys are simply for the ladies and I’m here to say that toys are for everyone and everyone’s pleasure. In the world of adult toys there are so many ways to help get you off… you have to explore things and what works for you. The toys world extents more than just vibrators, there are creams, oils, swings, whips, chains, paint and so much more.

I promote and use toys. I prefer to use them with my mate or partner. It brings a different kind of excitement to the bedroom, bathroom, shower and where ever you decide to get down.

Most people complain that the sex gets boring, why not add a little spice. If you’re not crazy about toys.. try oils and food. Always good, and messy but mostly good.


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Sex w/ Sunny: Freak v Nympho


n. a person who likes to do kinky shit in bed or have sex a lot
v. to have intercourse or make-out      Via Urban Dictionary
  1. uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman  via Bing
When I read the definition to nymphomaniac I said “so men can’t be one?” Explain to me that logic? Or is it acceptable or common that men have an excessive sexual desire. Double standard much? LOL
So I guess you can be a nympho and not a would think they are one in the same. I really want to hear your thoughts on this one Dames & Gents. So drop me a line..
Are you a freak or a nymphomaniac?
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Sex w/ Sunny: Doing Something v. Doing It Because You Enjoy Doing It


Sorry about the title, the length could not be avoided. I find myself having this conversation more than I expected. So I will put this question out there just to see what your reply would be.

Can you tell the difference from someone doing something to please you or do something because they enjoy doing it? Or do you believe that if they only enjoy it because you enjoy it?

I’m a firm believer that if you do something just because someone (your mate/spouse) likes it, it’s not enjoyable to them as much as it would be if you yourself enjoyed performing the act itself.

You enjoy getting oral. So your mate gives you oral.


Your mate/spouse enjoys giving oral, so they give you oral.


Can you tell the difference? Is there a noticeable difference?


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Sex w/ Sunny: 3somes


Yesterday while scrolling down my TL I saw this post…

“If it’s 2 guys and 1 girl is it still a threesome?”

Many argument were made about this. The word “Double Standard” was tossed around. So I pose this question to you.

Would you consider, 2 guys and 1 girl a threesome? Or it is only a threesome when its 2 females and 1 guy?