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Sex w/ Sunny: Videotaping



Have you ever videotaped yourself pleasuring yourself or pleasuring someone else?


In the social media world, we have all seen videos of people being leaked  so it makes some people more cautious when sharing private videos. Some have even said things like, “no face, no trace”. But have you seriously thought about doing this?

Is it okay to send you mate, if you trust them a video of you or allow them to record you? Should those things remain private? Most like them to either reflect on past encounters, or just to motivate them.

My thoughts on this, are if you really can trust the person you are either sharing this with or sharing these moments with then by all means have fun. Other wise, don’t do it!

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One thought on “Sex w/ Sunny: Videotaping

  1. Answering the questions…
    Yes, i have videotaped myself pleasuring myself. Yes, i have video of me pleasuring someone else.
    I have given it a large amount of thought. I/We have even made an “account” to share such videos. Of course if you have that trust its ok to share nude videos with your significant other. As in it remaining private you have to have a conversation about what your comfortable with sharing.
    I agree with your sentiment. If your not comfortable; dont do it. Also always think about where and when to share your naughty things/side. 😈😎😏


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