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Lock Me Up? I Just Voted..


Riding in a car with 4 people. Two of which I didn’t know, one I knew through a mutual friend. Where we were going on a visit up to the jail to see loved ones. The crime…riding in a car with tinted windows and the name the car was in let’s just say they would’ve been locked up as well.

As the first car pulled us over. We all got out our ids. I’m very unbothered simply annoyed because I wasn’t feeling great in the first place and didn’t even want to go. As things got weird another car arrived. By then we realized that things weren’t gonna end well. Then car three.. Nope not ending well at all. Still I sat thinking I just needed to find a ride home.

I secured my ride and was ready to go home. All we had to do was go to the police station and be picked up from there. So a fourth car arrived after the two others had left with one in each car. Of course it was 15 minutes and we get to the station and we are told about a warrant issue. As the polite officer came out he addressed me. Clueless I said “me? I have a warrant?! Nah gotta be a mistake.” He read an address of the paper and yup its on old address in a different city..and the warrant is 11 YEARS OLD!!

handcuffed and taken back. The officer apologies and explains it doesn’t seem like a serious one but can’t tell me what it is exactly. Another officer says its for $133. They take my name. And then the mug shot happens..what really? Before that they checked my person and my bag. I think I failed the mug shot thing because I was completely lost. The officer had to explain it to me as he took them. I think I smiled in one. I was nervous and in shock.

I get cuffed to a tiny bench waiting for my fate to be reveal because the city the warrant is in can chose to let me leave or as I found out its call ROR.. Or come get me. Thankfully they let me go and gave me a court date. So I sat for about an hour.

I have to call them Monday to see what this is about because I’m really lost and I have been a law abiding citizen so this will be interesting.

But as my sister pointed out my hair looked cute.


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