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On Dating

Do you think $28 is enough money to spend on a date?


My response:

“I went on a date once, we walked thru the park and talked. It was a nice date. I don’t go on dates and have a man break his pockets to prove something to me. There are men that do that too impress and I’m not here for that. Impress me with your time, consistency, respect and loyalty.”

Here is my question: Does the amount of money someone spends on you during a date, make or break the date?

Why does the amount of money even matter? Shouldn’t the thought and intent matter more? Why do people get so hung up on this? If the guy or gal trying to impress someone with money than that gives you a sense of what kind of person you are dealing with. Now if your a golddigger this may seem appealing to you.

Drop some comments, I wanna here your thoughts on this.


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5 thoughts on “On Dating

  1. Of course it doesnt. Not for me anyway. When the wife and i were dating we both took each other out. Took turns even. Its the thought and intention. If the person really put some thought behind it; you can tell. No matter how much it may have cost. And if you have already been getting to know this person. you can kinda gauge exactly what their pockets can afford. Personally if you see them stretching over their capabilities thats actually a warning flag to examine harder. Money dont come easy. We all gotta watch our little change we do have. Hope that helps..

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  2. No, the amount of money someone spends on you for a date shouldn’t matter which is why I would opt for a quick low cost meal somewhere or happy hour until we determine if we like each other. My boyfriend pays for 90% of our dates, but we don’t go somewhere overly expensive. When the weather is nice I suggest picnics in the park. I don’t think you can put a price tag on a date. It depends on what you like, but I won’t go to a fast food spot for a date. There are a lot of other options such as Panera or Corner Bakery instead of McDonald’s or Wendy’s.

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    1. I agree I have paid for dates and I wouldn’t take someone somewhere knowing damn well I wouldn’t spend that same amount of money on them. People get things messed up.

      Thanks for dropping a comment!!

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