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Sex w/ Sunny: Doing Something v. Doing It Because You Enjoy Doing It


Sorry about the title, the length could not be avoided. I find myself having this conversation more than I expected. So I will put this question out there just to see what your reply would be.

Can you tell the difference from someone doing something to please you or do something because they enjoy doing it? Or do you believe that if they only enjoy it because you enjoy it?

I’m a firm believer that if you do something just because someone (your mate/spouse) likes it, it’s not enjoyable to them as much as it would be if you yourself enjoyed performing the act itself.

You enjoy getting oral. So your mate gives you oral.


Your mate/spouse enjoys giving oral, so they give you oral.


Can you tell the difference? Is there a noticeable difference?



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11 thoughts on “Sex w/ Sunny: Doing Something v. Doing It Because You Enjoy Doing It

  1. I’m a very sexual person. I do things because I like doing them but inside the reaction I get from my mate makes me enjoy it even more. I don’t go into any of it thinking about who does what to please who. It’s more of a read and react to me. But if she’s ever unsatisfied it’s on me to make sure that never happens again. A king will forever make sure the queen is happy on all levels. Mental, physical, and spiritual.

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    1. I get what your saying. I don’t understand when people say they don’t like something they only do it for their mate. If you dont enjoy it. They won’t and we can tell. So your better off not doing it. You know?

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  2. This is basically one of the questions I’ve posed for the longest time.

    Why? Because it basically tells me if the woman does something from her head (no pun intended) or her heart, which of course makes a big difference as years and years ago the first woman I performed oral (the mother of my two oldest children) knew that my heart wasn’t in it.

    I prefer the woman to do things she’s passionate about cause it’s the passion (the fire) that makes a world of a difference.


  3. Yes, a person can tell if their partner is doing something just to please them, but most people believe it how a relationship should operate. There is a difference between doing something to please someone and doing it for them. In the example you used, oral is a selfless act but it can be pleasurable to the giver if they truly want to please the person vs. Just doing it to get something in return. It’s a mentality, don’t buy something someone is selling unless you believe in the product….

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