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Motherhood No Instructions Needed

Me & My Crew

Everyone says they wish motherhood came with instructions. I’m not one of them. I think we make up our own rules and what works for us. Besides, most of us don’t follow instructions anyway.

This past couple of weeks I have dealt with more thing than I thought I would.

Daughter’s Birthday:

This was the first birthday that she didn’t celebrate with me, well we will this weekend. But she hung with her father. That relationship has blossomed more than I could have ever imagined. She will be going with them on vacation so that is an added birthday present. I’m sure this birthday will be stored in her memory bank.

Son’s Preparation for Pre K:

After all the chaos it was to get him registered for Pre K, let just say my cities school system need an extreme overhaul. But at any rate, after many tears, screams and justified attitudes I got him registered. Have all his school information.

Daughter’s Preparation for High School:

Uniforms ordered and on the way. All I need is to get her book bag and watch for her schedule. Oh Lord, I have a high school student. Bus pass will be in effect.

(She is the easy one.)

Dealing w/ my son’s autism:

I think I have handled this the best I know how. I finally was able to have in enrolled in programs that will help him. His behavior is starting to get out of control and I have already got help on the way. It hard dealing with this solo but somehow I’m doing it. He will be starting OT finally outpatient. In his new school he will have both Speech and Occupational Therapy. So hopefully more changes are to come.

Mom time:

With all this taking care of everyone else, I need to learn to take care of myself as well. I can be strong for my kids, but I have to remain strong for myself. I also need to find a support group or find someone to talk to. I know I like to keep things in and it can become overwhelming so I need to talk to someone more.


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