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When in your life have you been a victim of stereotyping? Explain the circumstance behind it and how you felt?


Founder and Co-Host of G.F.T Radio show, and author of my personal blog Unreservedly Me (both on wordpress). I been writing for years so blogging is nothing new to me.

2 thoughts on “Question

  1. I don’t know if this counts, but I hate when I was a student and someone would ask, “Where do you go, Hillsbourough Community College?” As if they couldn’t fathom I was earning a Masters. Why auto assume I’m going to a community college?

    Why not just ask and let me answer?

    Oh and I hate when someone assumes I do customer service.

    I work for a bank and instead of asking what I do they ask and answer the question, “what do you do? Are you a teller, in customer service…” No I’m an AVP in project management. Ok I’m done lol


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