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And then Blood Pressure

So recently I found out that blood pressure is high. It hasn’t been high since I was pregnant with my soon to be 9 year old. I figured something was up because I was getting like 6 migraines not including the one that last all day in under a week. Finally, someone mentioned blood pressure so I call my doctor and did that.

I believe it’s stress, you know when you are holding on to so much in and everyday stress of trying to avoid arguments with my teenagers finally getting to me. I mean she is a teen so her excuse has always been “this is how I talk” even with it being proven that its not. Especially when she wants something she can talk normal. Its something about me. Then she gets mad when I shut down and don’t speak or say this is why I don’t say anything.

Then there is family drama. But who doesn’t have that. I really feel like the middle child. Everyone sees me as acting out and no one seems to care about helping me or giving me a break from my life. I love my son but some days are hard and never really having breaks outside of his program are hard.

Idk but I’m on meds for my migraine ls while my doctors are trying to figure this all out and fix it because I dont need all this.


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