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What Does “Thank You For Your Service” Mean to a Black Soldier?


Serving While Black

Hello Everyone.

I’m a Soldier currently serving in the U.S. Armed Forces, roughly 17 years.  I plan on doing 20.  Might as well at this point. I’ve fought in both the Middle-East (Iraq) and Central Asia (Afghanistan), and would have no problems going to any of our warzones again, despite the fact that I should tend to my family on the homefront more.

I’ve also served as an Equal Opportunity Non-Commissioned Officer (EO; prevention of racism, sexism, and discrimination concerning) as well as the Sexual Harassment/Assault Response and Prevention Non-Commissioned Officer (SHARP; prevention of sexism, rape).  The reason why I bring this up, is because I stand as an African-American Soldier who is trained as an anti-racism and anti-sexism service member.  I really do stand against racism and sexism while in service.

Would you still “thank me for my service” if I told you that if…

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