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Just Another “Like”

tumblr_inline_nwy7btnrrf1tcrrow_1280I know most of you are probably reading this wondering just what exactly will this post be about. Well the other day I was talking to a friend of mines who used to be a blogger. I really want him to come back to blogging.

He shared that blogging isn’t the same. People come to your post, most read and some just like and continue on. I understood where he was coming from, I written post seeking advice and all I got was “likes”. I’m happy with folks coming over and checking things out but I think we all at some point want feedback. To see if someone else shares with our thoughts, like our poetry and/or understood what we are or were trying to convey.

If you blog, do you want to be just another “like” or would you like feedback?

Do you believe that blogging has changed?

Bloggers we must asked ourselves, when people comment do we reply to their comments? I know on the blogs that I have come across, sometimes you comment and get no response. Or you go to blog and the blogger engages with their audience, that helps bring people back. Have you experienced both, or neither? Drop me a line, I’m curious to know.



Founder and Co-Host of G.F.T Radio show, and author of my personal blog Unreservedly Me (both on wordpress). I been writing for years so blogging is nothing new to me.

26 thoughts on “Just Another “Like”

    1. I agree in some cases that is how I feel. Sometimes, I hate leaving a one word reply but maybe that is something. Idk, I like feedback and likes. I do reply back to my commenters though. I’m mindful of that.

      I mean they take the time type something up, I can too.


  1. I want feedback. For the amount of blogs i follow i do atyempt to be a positive addition to the site. If something really sparks orgrabs my interest i reply. Finding a connection is always the best way to bring ppl back. I remember when you did writer spotlights. After being asked to submit and actually participating. Its one of the reasons i have followed you ever since

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  2. I struggle w/ this. I try to be more engaged w/ my followers and make sure I actually read their content. I don’t comment & have dialogue as much as I’d like or should, but I try to show my favorites love. It’s just hard because most of my time on here is spent going to my special place to deliver my own content.

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  3. a like is very important so don’t get me wrong but sometimes feedback is more important. how was my writing? did i say anything wrong? what did you actually like, the way i backed my points or my point overall? that’s the part i miss about the old style blogs. the community responded so much that they actually engaged each other outside the actual blog itself. what really pissed me off about wordpress likes was a day i had just published an article and by the time i hit the home button i got a like. not even me, the person who wrote the actual article could have read it that fast.

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    1. “…I had just published an article and by the time I hit the home button I got a like. not even me, the person who wrote the actual article could have read it that fast.” Yes, Like did you actually read it or are you just going around “liking” things.

      But sometimes I do that and then come back, read and comment on that blog post.


  4. I would like feedback. Not to boast but i think that i am writing about some thought provoking subjects. I always appreciate the likes but I want to hear what others think about these subjects and how we can work to make them better.

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  5. I agree that it is changed. I love feedback and interactions but I write because I want too. I remember getting no likes on a post, but that didn’t mean I didn’t want to write. I just keep at it.

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    1. i agree as well but i still write, i just don’t blog anymore. i like blogging but i love poetry so feedback on a poem is more important because of the nature of it. blogging is usual your opinion on a wide topic which means someone out there has the same kinda idea as you etc but poetry is more personal and feedback can be more crucial. just my thoughts

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      1. True. However, there are a lot of times I will read a post and not comment. If I like it, I will share it through Twitter and post on my Facebook page. I may never comment but that doesn’t mean that I don’t value it.


  6. Hi Sunnyd, I know you wrote this last October but it is still relevant today. I am new blogging and I am grateful that this medium even exist so that people could share their thoughts, ideas, etc. I honestly would welcome the feedback and the likes.
    They both let me know that my words were heard and understood. The purpose of writing is to share and if the people who read your work don’t comment how do we really know if it impacted them or not so we can improve in our delivery next time around.

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  7. mostly i get just likes and few comments. I figure its par for the course even the popular blogs get relatively low comments but i like feedback yes. I like the interaction and this way i know they read the post as well.


  8. I’m new to blogging so I really can’t say if it’s changed or not. But I do know I’d like to get feedback from people. I’d like to know how my writing impacts people, or what they thought was too much or too little. I guess though it all depends on your reasons for writing each post. Sometimes a like is more than enough, someone saying “I’ve read your post, I’m listening”.


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