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Poetry Spotlight: Fantasy


You have colour blinds

Cause you’re empty inside

You know I’m black

That’s a simple fact

Still you want to emphasize

You don’t see me

Nor my colour

To hide your insecurities


It’s the colour of my skin

I’m not supposed to make you comfortable with it

You can’t say you don’t see it when you look at me

But still you lie and try to hide

Your obvious distaste while standing next to me

You’ll never hide my colour from me


You are colourblind

But it has nothing to do with your sight

You ignore the hate and paint up your face

There are blue and red states

Elections are great

Do all presidents look the same since 2008?

Tell me?

I’m listening and I’m waiting in vain


I see colour in you

Pale faced when I sit next in queue

Posture changes in circumstances

Silence bites and overrides

The same basic rights you consume

Yes things are changing

But you still try disgracing

My intelligence with the caption

That you’re unbiased but you’re lying

No-one’s colourblind



Submitted by: K. Andre Daniel




Founder and Co-Host of G.F.T Radio show, and author of my personal blog Unreservedly Me (both on wordpress). I been writing for years so blogging is nothing new to me.

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