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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 9


Maya opened her door and to her shock Trina was standing there with a light jacket on with nothing else under it. Her C cup breast were exposed and Trina’s caramel skin tone in the night sky and the lights in the complex complimented her. Maya couldn’t even get the words out before Trina grabbed Maya close and kiss her passionately. Maya pushed the door closes as she back into the couch and the both fell right on to it. Maya didn’t know what made Trina show up but at this point she didn’t care.

The two lovers got lost in the essence of each other and devouring the pure emotions that filled the room. Somehow they finally ended up in Maya’s room but never made it to the bed. They woke up in each other’s arms and had a satisfying glow. Maya didn’t want to wake Trina because she looked beautiful when she was sleep. She went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Trina rose smelling the intoxicating aroma that greeted her nose. She walk to the kitchen and Maya was fixing their plate. She thought to herself, “damn she can cook.” She shot Maya a smile as she sat down in front her plate. The two shared light conversation as the shared the meal.

“I have to go, Maya. Can we hang later?” Trina said to Maya. Maya didn’t want Trina to go but she had to clean up and get ready for work. On the way to work, Maya’s mind wondered, so the events of last night. It seems like a flashback that she could feel. She felt the touch of Trina’s lips on her breast and her nipples became hard. Maya’s minds was so much on that night that she forgot that she was at a light and had already turned green. With that she realized many cars going around her and loud yells “Are you stupid?” and horns blazing. She snapped out of it and gained her attention back to the road and made it safely to work.

Maya was so caught up in her work and meetings she wasn’t able to answer her phone when Tonya called her. She wanted to meet for lunch but Maya was swamped with a deadline pressing her. So she sent her sister a text, “Can we meet for dinner?” Maya smiled to herself once her sister sent her a message saying, “Okay.” Maya continued on her work day and was happy to see the clock letting her know it was time to go.

Once Maya got home and started to get settle, she heard a knock on the door. She knew it was Tonya because she was meeting her at the place. So she went to the door and once she opened it, she saw Akil. She immediately started apologizing for ignoring him the other day. “It’s okay Maya, you didn’t look yourself and I was just worried.” Akil said to her with a smile. “Now I came here with a purpose. About our official date, what date would you be free?” Maya smiled and said Thursday. I’m off that day and no plans for the evening.” Akil couldn’t hide his excitement. “Okay, gives me 3 days to set my plan in motion. Until then, Ms. Jackson.” “Okay, bye Akil.” Maya smiled to herself and closed her door.


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4 thoughts on “Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 9

  1. Mannn. Trina took that at the door! Lol. What did she do to Maya that made Maya not want to see her go? Sounds like she really put it on Maya. Had the woman cooking breakfast and reminiscing at the traffic light and errthang. Haha.

    Akil needs to be taking Trina on a date.


      1. Hella funny. But why did you choose not to give all the details? I’m trying to learn some of Trina’s techniques. Lol.

        Can you at least tell me what she did that made Maya glow? I bet you say Don get off my blog. Lolol.


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