33 years & Counting!!



Back in 1982 my parents decided to knock boots and on this day in May of 1983 they were blessed with a high yellow baby girl name Saritha!! I don’t think they understood what they were in store for, but hey I’m the middle child so I had to make my presence known!!

But today, despite losing my mother and this being our birthday month, I have decided to celebrate life!! So the girl you have come to know, is a mother of two beautiful kids. Yes, I have grey hairs, but I swear I don’t look a day over 30!!! LOL

Today, my job made me feel so special along with all my friends and family!! I’m grateful for that…the sun is shining even when it supposed to be raining. My boss is out and cafeteria at my job made me my own personal pan of my favorite…banana pudding! I won $25 on a scratch off!!

Saturday my bestie has planned something for me, I wonder what it is!!??!!







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