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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 3


As the sun shined down on a sleeping Maya, her phone rang. She jumped up outta of sleep and could barely make out the name on her caller id before answering it, only to realize it was a text message: 

Brandy: Hey, what you doing?

Maya: I just woke up! Why? What’s up?

Brandy: Nothing I’m off and I knew you were to wanna hang today?

Maya: Sure, go grab Jas too. I gotta talk to y’all.

Brandy: About what?

Maya: Just get her and come to my house like 1…ok?

Brandy: Sure see you then. You want me to bring you something?

Maya: Sure…. Ttyl

Maya knew that it was now or never. She jumped up outta bed and headed straight to the shower, turned on her computer and played some music. Somehow the water would calm her down and ease her nerves. On cue the door bell rung as she stepped out the shower. Maya knew it couldn’t be her besties, so who was it. She grabbed a towel wrapper it around herself and headed to her door. “Who is it?” “Akil” Maya freaked it was the guy in the apartment next door; she had a crush on him since she moved in. She wondered what could he have wanted, and opened the door forgetting she only had a towel on. “Hey!” Akil eyes weren’t on Maya’s face…and it had the biggest grin on his face. Maya’s eyes followed his, and she realized that her towel was coming apart, she grab it close to her and looked up at him smiling in embarrassment. She finally got out the words, “how can I help you, I’m kind of in the middle of getting dressed.” “Well I wanted to know can I borrow a cup of sugar. I know its sounds like game, but I made some kool-aid and ran out of sugar.” Maya laughed and said sure, go in the kitchen and look in the jar on the table; I’m gonna go throw some clothes on.” She ran to her room and hurried to put clothes on. Akil walked back into the living room, “What are you doing later? Maybe I can repay you for the sugar.” Maya laughed, in her head she was excited but had to hide it, “nothing just stop by…I should be home.” “Ok, cool.” He walked out the door and nodded his head.

Just then she heard someone coming up to her door, it was her besties. She hugged them; she filled them in on what was up with the cutie next door. Maya was trying to bide her time but she got so nervous that she blurted out “I’m bisexual!” She froze because she couldn’t believe that she just did it like that. Brandy damn near dropped the coffee she had in her hand. Jas simply sipped her tea and waited, she was tryna register what she just heard. Maya looked at both of her bestie, waiting for one of them to say something but nothing.



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2 thoughts on “Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 3

  1. Good stuff. I like. You’ve done a good job building suspense, cause I can’t wait to read what happens next between Akil and Maya.


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