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It’s Okay To Ask For Help

Today was a hard day… We actually yesterday was too. My son had speech therapy and when the lady asked me did I need in home help to help me deal with his breakdowns that last for almost 45 minutes to an hour. I damn near brokedown. I’m a proud person and I can raise my kids, but when you need help, you need help. This particular situation is unfamiliar to me.

I’m putting on a brave face and I just wanna scream or cry and say not my baby. I know my learning as I go and I know I can’t take things he do personally but I do, I feel like I’m failing. With his dad behind bars he has been trying to help and let me vent but I just don’t feel like I should because he has his own problems right now.

My daughter just sees me struggle and not that I want her to step in always but she is old enough to help me out when I ask her too. I only have two hands and when he is into everything and screaming and upset I just want her to say mom how may I help you.

I asked my friends to pray for me and my family. I know I need to make sure I’m okay to be able to take care of both my kids. I know God is able and I know he doesn’t put more on you than you can bare. So idk what the plan is but I truly put this in his hands.

I know its okay to ask for help


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6 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Ask For Help

  1. will pray for you and your fam as well. 🙏 it’s hard to imagine that everyone as a society could exist without relying on someone else for help! getting food into supermarkets from the farms and all that; hell, i’m on public assistance right now which helps immensely considering the fact that i’m partially disabled.

    take care 💗


  2. I feel this soo much. My six year old son might be autistic or have a mental disability and it is rough because they still don’t know what to diagnose him with. And he’s my only son, and I’m not with his mother so it has created a lot of issues around co-parenting. Just keep doing your best, God will provide a way. Much love to you and your family.


    1. Have his mother or you take him to a neurologist. They maybe can help get him the help he needs. They will let you know what is the problem or at least try and figure out what is the problem and how they can help.

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