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Facebook Rant: Camera Roll

textgramSo if you guys aren’t aware of the Facebook updates. Now when you logon via your phone it shows you, your camera roll? And it asked you something about share pictures from it.

I swear it’s a setup!! Now you know in the age of social media and sexting being at an all time high things could go left very quickly.

Now in the last month or so I have seen more d**k pictures on FB then I care to admit. Yes, I looked, screenshot some and shared with friends before that person realized it and took it down. Yes, I’m that kinda of person.

What? I would like it but the way FB is set up, it lets everyone know I liked so and so d**k pic. But in my defense I was minding my business and it was there in my TL(Feed).

They almost always end up apologizing, but hey its out there. You can’t take it back, it happened and sometimes we enjoyed looking at it. But I blame the FB Camera change. Is there a way to turn that off, because I can see how you can accidentally hit that share button.

So until we figure out a way to change this setting, FB should stay out of people’s camera rolls.


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