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My Reality

Pardon me as I pull my life back together. I swear these past couple of months have been a test. Yesterday, while at the neurologist office with my son, they laid something on me that I wasn’t ready for. I simply thought my son had language delay but he was diagnosed with Level 2 Autism.

After hearing this news I didn’t know what to think, the doctor explained it to me but I still was in shock. I wondered what did I do wrong and how could I not see this. When I got back to work I did a little research, the type his has is:

  • Childhood disintegrative disorder – This disorder typically affects toddlers and preschoolers. They lose language and social skills and typically have moderate or low functioning levels.

They already lined me up with a social worker who will help me through this whole process and I have contacted my school district and he will be switching schools, but boy was I not ready for this one.

I prayed over him last night while he was sleeping. Asking God to help things work out for him to get him on the right path and help us as we travel down this unfamiliar road. I ask you guys to pray for my family. They said being that we caught it early, he can have a great chance at being a normal kid. He exhibits all the behaviors minus the losing of non verbal communication and the aggression so that’s a plus.


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8 thoughts on “My Reality

  1. ABA therapy is abusive and harmful to autistic people. I’m speaking as an autistic person. Your son is not a tragedy. Let him be who he is. Don’t try to force him to be ‘normal’ because he will grow up hating himself. Don’t raise him to think he’s broken. Raise him to love himself as he is, a complete whole person who has disabilities.

    Disability isn’t tragic. Ignorance is.


    1. I never once said he was a tragedy, aslo that type of therapy is not one he will be receiving. I’m not going to force him to be anything, I will just make sure he is getting the care he needs. Also, I doubt he will hate himself, he is a loved little boy and he knows it. I’m sorry if that was your experiece but all aren’t the same.

      Thank you for your comment.

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  2. I trust God to work a miracle! I’m praying for him. We never have to accept a report from the doctors. Know that God is constantly at work in his life and your life. See your as manifesting restoration and wholeness every day. Isaiah 42:22 declares that it if we would pray “Restore!” God will manifest restoration in His divine timing. Your son is blessed to have a loving mother like you. Have a great day, beautiful!


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