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Black History Month



On my former blog I started a series called ‘Faces of Our History’ where I highlighted people who embody Black History. I hope you guys enjoy this month as much as I do. Also if you have anyone in mind you think I should highlight please feel free to email me:

I love history and learning about my ancestors and those who help us achieve our history!! I know we all are used to hearing some names, but I’m going to bring you people you probably have never heard about.


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5 thoughts on “Black History Month

  1. As a global citizen and a blood-bought Christian, I want to say that “Black History Month” means very little to me. All my life I have been coerced into recognizing, celebrating, and feeling guilty for the Black experience in the U.S. and elsewhere.

    My Japanese/Angloid forbears had absolutely nothing to do with slavery.
    They neither bought nor profited from the labor of African slaves
    I am finished. I don’t care about the issues of the African-American population. Work it out for yourselves.

    The sooner we see ourselves as citizens of the USA and stop with special-interest ethnic grievances the sooner & higher our nation will rise.
    That is my subjective and well-considered considered opinion.


    1. Interesting way of thinking, I don’t agree with it but hey its your opinion. Glad you were bold enough to share your thoughts of lack thereof about the issues of the African-American population.

      We care about it, we also care about other people, races, and nationalities being treated fairly. I don’t think we don’t see ourselves as citizens of USA, we know we are but as citizens we aren’t treated fairly, but why should I waste time explaining that to someone who doesn’t care.

      I guess this is the point where we respectfully agree to disagree.

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