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Closer To Home

So I have been a big supporter of Breast Cancer Awareness. I have known people who have had someone in their family diagnosed with it as well… But this year it hit a little too close to home.

My brother’s wife was diagnosed a few months back and she finally decided to share with us on this unexpected news. Being that she is a nurse she knows about the risk, step and other things to weigh on her decision but she quickly decided to have the mastectomy done… On both. I know she was still processing it but I guess she figured to act fast.

Now throughout the year before she moved far away we had what my brother called “colored coded galas” where on holidays we picked a color and we all wore different variations of the color.

So the day of surgery was no different she asked that we all wear pink.. And that is just what we did.


She said the surgery went well and she loved that we supported her even though we are far away. She is home recovering and hopefully this will be the last of this cancer business.

But I said all that to say this. This cancer can strike at anytime to be aware, do a self-examination. Go to your doctor and get yourself tested. This can no only just happen to females but to males as well. Get tested!


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