Girls Best Friend


So last night I finally was able to have a kid free night and I decided that I wanted to wear my Steve Madden peek toe booties.. I should’ve took time to rethink that because I would be dancing all night.

Now one thing about me is I ❤ shoes!! I have general size feet so that means I can almost always find shoes in my size. I believe shoes are a girls best friend.. But maybe just maybe I’m basis.

So I dance the night away not realizing I would pay come the morning. I would’ve preferred a hangover but nope my legs Lord !! I felt like they were screaming at me to lay down all day. Lmao I tried soaking them in the tub but not still pain.. Either I’m getting old or I can’t be dancing in those kind of shoes.

I got a lot a compliment…but we women go through a lot to be grown sexy and classy!!


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