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I Need To Be..

I need to be his everything because in this current situation I’m almost all he has. I have been there since day one and all I find myself wondering is how I can help but then I’m preoccupied with life happening around me. I get it in this time he needs me more than ever but how can I help short of being suppotive and offering encouraging words.

I need prayer for me to mentally grasp the severity of this situation even though I have tried to avoid it with ever breath in me. He is fighting for his life, his freedom and I find myself wondering how can I help?

Y’all pray for me and pray for us. I know his back story isn’t made up of roses but its of blood sweat and the street life but if God wants it he will be giving a far shot not judged by his past but judge by the present. Help me, help us and pray because I know prayer works!


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