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Music Mondays: Where Did He Go

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Music Mondays: Drowning

This song was one I heard on an episode of LHHLA… didn’t expect to have the reaction I did but that has been my mood more than I care to mention.

Lawd this song had me in tears…

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On getting comfortable

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Conversations like this

You ever accused someone of doing something, only for someone to call you to the carpet for the same shit?

Yeah, I just had a conversation like that. I don’t like when I have a real conversation and people aren’t being 💯 with you. In the conversation I realize I need to put some things in order to move pass something that has been pulling on me for a while. Probably gonna be the hardest conversation I’ve had in a while but it most certainly needs to happen. I have been avoiding it like the plague because I don’t want to open any old wounds or have the same conversation to have the same result but it must be done.

Pray for me… feel like David going into the lions den.

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Better When I’m Dancin’ (From The Peanuts Movie)

Yes, I’m such a mom. My son has me watching The Peanuts Movie everyday twice a day if not more. And I love this song!! Every time I hear it I wanna dance!!