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Maya’s Two World’s: Chap. 7



Maya pulled up in the parking lot near Trina’s job. She was in her thoughts on how to tell Trina that she wasn’t gay, that she was bisexual. As she walked up to the doors, she stopped to make sure she looked cute. She really like Trina, something about her had Maya intrigued. Trina met Maya at her work station, she looked so nervous and Trina could sense it. As they walked through the mall to the food court they settled on Subway. Maya was so nervous, but then she looked into Trina hazel slanted eyes and said, “Trina I really like you, something about that makes me want to get to know you. That night I met you, you got my attention. I didn’t know what to do, because I had not told my friends what I’m about to tell you. I’m bisexual.” Trina just looked at Maya, she tried to read her body language and started to say something but Maya cut her off. “The other day I came out to my friends, but… I met a guy who I’m interested in as well. I was on a semi-date with him last night when you called. He doesn’t know yet either and I have to find the right time to tell him. I don’t know what to do at this time so I wanna see where things lead, is that okay?” Trina couldn’t believe what she was hearing she never dated a bisexual chic and she didn’t know if she could handle it, she looked at Maya and smiled. “I have to say this would be a first for me, but I’m willing to try. Only because I want you and what I want I usually get so may the best man or woman win.”

The two laughed and talked about random things and lost track of time. Maya enjoyed Trina’s company very much. Trina was very affectionate, but not overly affectionate. Maya kissed Trina playfully as Trina pulled her into the family bathroom. Trina pushed Maya up against the wall and locked the door. Kissing her passionately and Maya didn’t resist, her hands roamed all around Trina’s body. Trina unbuttoned Maya’s top and pulled her supple breast out and began to work her tongue magic. Maya moan with pure pleasure. Time was not on either of their minds. Maya took charge and slammed Trina to the wall and pull her skirt down only to realize she had no panties on. She looked at her in admiration and began to feast on her perfect clit. She enjoyed every minute of it, Trina’s body shook in pleasure and Maya had to stop because Trina was moaning too loud people started knocking on the door. The two gather themselves and Trina looked at her watch. A full hour and half a past, Trina knew she would be in trouble and she kissed Maya softy and exited the bathroom, saying, “Call me later.” Maya shook her head and said, “Ok.” She waited until she thought the coast was clear and left.

On the ride home she decided to tell Tonya what happened. After getting Tonya’s answering machine she decided to just enjoy the music and re-cap what just happened in her mind. She smiled as she pulled up to her building. As she grabbed her bag from the car, Akil walked up behind her and kissed her neck. Maya turned around not sure who was behind her and when to push whoever it was off of her. Akil laughed and said, “It’s me! Calm down.” Maya looked and dropped her hands and smiled. “Did you miss me?” Before Maya could answer the question her phone started ringing. “Hey Maya, it’s me Brandy. Are you busy?” “No, I’m just getting home. Why what’s up?” “I need to talk, can I come there now?” “Sure, no problem see you soon.” Maya hung up the phone, she was confused her Bestie sounded a little upset and she wondered why? “What’s wrong babe?” Akil asked. Maya nodded her head and started walking; she was lost in her thoughts and didn’t even hear what Akil said. Akil realized that Maya wasn’t pay attention and said, “Well I see you’re busy so just hit me when you’re free.” Maya said, “Ok” and headed in the direction of her apartment.





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2 thoughts on “Maya’s Two World’s: Chap. 7

  1. Good stuff. I like how Trina is on Maya’s mind. Trina set the stage when she said may the best man or woman win. And that was boss when she pushed Maya against the wall and locked the door. Lol.


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