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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 6



Maya pressed the “end call” button. She didn’t hear what Trina said. She looked over at Akil as he re-entered her room. Akil smiled and was starting to say something to Maya but he caught her starting at him. He walked in without his shirt and Maya eyes were more than pleased. He was built not extremely built but enough to grab anyone’s attention. Maya licked her lips and then moved her eyes towards his. Akil said, “I guess you’re not on the phone.” Laughing as he says, “your friends know when to call you huh?” Maya hadn’t heard a word he said, all she saw was his lips moving. “Are you just going to stare at me? Not that I mind, but I did say something. Your friends sure know when to call.” “Oh yeah my friends do know when to call.” She lied. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t want to go there just yet. Akil made his way to her bed, “Look Maya, I really like you and I don’t want to rush you into doing anything. So let’s just lay together, I don’t want to treat you like all those other girls. I want you as something much more. Is that cool?” Maya was floored Akil was so different than the other guys she met and she liked it. So she agreed and laid in the bed, and woke up in his arms.

“Later this week I want us to go on a real date.” Maya said over breakfast. Akil agreed. They quietly ate breakfast and playful looked at each other. When they finished Akil headed back to his apartment and left Maya with a kiss on her forehead.

Maya went to pick up her phone to call her sister Tonya when she realized she had a missed call and text message. It was Trina. The message read, “Why did you hang up when I asked you a question?” Maya didn’t know what Trina was talking about so she called her.

Maya: Hi, Trina. What question did you asked?

Trina: (annoyed) Really?

Trina paced her bedroom, she was extremely pissed. Maya was just going to deny it. She slammed the dresser drawer close; she couldn’t find what she was looking for. “Be right back” kept entering her thoughts. Maya was with a man. She knew Maya hadn’t come out to her friends, but what was her excuse for hanging with a man. Trina grabbed her work clothes and headed to the shower.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She really looked at herself and wondered what woman wouldn’t want her. She grabbed her car keys and headed to work. As she listening to Usher’s “Got it Bad” she heard her phone go off… she looked at the name and answered quickly.

Trina: Hey sexy!

Maya: Hey Trina, I’m sorry I really didn’t hear you question. What was it?

Trina: What were you doing last night?

A little taken back by Trina jealous tone, Maya cautioned her words and said. “Can I meet you for lunch?” Trina gave in, she couldn’t say no to Maya she really like her and could just picture her juicy lips mouthing the words. “Okay.”


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2 thoughts on “Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 6

  1. Again, I like, love the characterization and theme of this chapter. I laughed out loud where you wrote Maya hadn’t heard a damn thing Trina nor Akil said. There’s something to be said about Maya’s intensity, her ability to wrap her mind around whatever task at hand. It makes for great intimacy like sleeping together without having sex.

    Trina’s definitely got it bad and gonna be a problem, isn’t she? Not sure if Maya can handle Trina’s passion.

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