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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 5



As she pulled up to her building she saw Akil; he was talking to another tenant. Maya walked up with her bags and said, “Excuse me, but Akil can I talk to you for a minute?” He nodded and said excuse me to his friend. “Yes?” “Did you eat dinner yet?” Akil looked confused but pleasantly surprised. He did eat something earlier, but he lied and said, “No, why are you making me something?” “Well, I wanted to apologize for being short with you earlier, I was just frustrated and I wanted to make it up to you by cooking dinner. I just came from the gym so if you could come to my apartment in two hours I will have everything ready.” Akil blushed it was the first time a girl had ever offered to cook for him, so he smiled and said “OK. It’s a date.” Maya smiled back and said “Cool, see you then.”

Akil took the bags from Maya and walked her to her apartment. After she got settled he said, “How about I help you cook?” Maya said “Okay, but I have to shower first… you can get things together. I, I mean WE are going to make Spanish rice and chicken. Is that cool?” Akil nodded and continued unloading the groceries. Maya headed back to her room to find something comfortable to put on and turned the shower on. While in the shower, she couldn’t believe Akil was in her house. He was so fine and he liked her, but then she wondered would he still like her if he knew the truth about her. Many of her boyfriends enjoyed her being bisexual but never really took her seriously. She turned the shower off and quickly got dressed.

“Do you need help in there?” Akil yelled. “No, I’m coming.” Maya came into the kitchen and prepared herself to help Akil get the pots out. They made light conversation as they prepared their meal. After everything was done, they made their way to the living room to watch a movie and eat. The two settled on watching “Takers”. Akil glanced over at Maya and when she caught him, he smiled and turned back to watch the movie. Maya couldn’t believe he was in her house and as her thoughts wander off, Akil gave her a blank stare. Maya then realized he asked her a question. “What? I’m sorry what did you say?” “I said, what is a pretty girl such as yourself doing single?” Maya laughed because she knew this question may come up. She smiled and said, “Waiting for my ‘him’… is that a good answer?” Akil looked confused. Maya said, “I am her… so I need an him”. Akil looked at her and said, “you may have just found ‘him’, but can you handle him?” Maya smiled and looked back towards the television pondering the thought of her and Akil.

Akil got into the movie and decided to get comfortable and lay down on the couch and told Maya to lay down with him. Maya followed his lead and something about Akil felt so comfortable. Akil lay behind her with his arms wrapped around her, his lips was so close to her ear so when he spoken she got excited. He looked a Maya in awe she was beautiful, as he held her soft body he couldn’t help get a little excited, he tried to refrain from it but he couldn’t help it, so he kissed her ear and then moved slowly down to her neck. Maya’s body responded to Akil’s kisses, she tried to fight it but her body betrayed her. She knew she didn’t want to rush things, and neither did Akil. He really liked her and didn’t want to treat her like just another girl. Maya turned to him and said “As much as I want to I don’t want to rush things.” Akil nodded in agreement and Maya looking into his perfect brown eyes and his soft lips, and just went for it. The excitement of their tongues as they touched one anothers was all the more pleasurable. Akil picked Maya up and headed to her bedroom. Both were too caught up in the moment to think, all they knew is they both wanted each other. On cue the phone rings, Maya doesn’t want to answer it but it kept ringing.

Trina: Hey sexy, are you busy?

Maya: Who is this?

Trina: I take it you didn’t save my number. It’s me Trina. Now answer my question.

Maya: Yes, I am can I call you back?

Trina: I guess.

Just then Akil said, “Be right back.”

Trina: Wait, who was that?


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3 thoughts on “Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 5

  1. This is good and I’m getting more and more into the story. Love the intimacy, back and forth exchanges, between Maya and Akil.

    Plus, you left us with a cliffhanger at the end, wanting to read the next installment. I have an idea of what happens next, too.


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