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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 1



“I’m bisexual. No, I can’t just say it like that.” Maya paces her bedroom trying to figure out a way to come out to her best friends. It’s been weeks and she still couldn’t find a way to tell them. After what happened at the club the other night, she swore they knew.

Confused and quite flustered Maya decided to focus on the other plans she had today. She needed to get dressed, Tonya, her sister, called asking if she wanted to go shopping. It was already noon and she was supposed to be ready by 1 o’clock. Maya didn’t mind hanging out with her sister, because she knew Maya’s big secret and things were just easy with Tonya.

While walking through the mall Tonya noticed that Maya was off in her thoughts. “Maya, get outta your head! Sometimes you think too hard about things.” Maya lowered her head and figured she may as well ask her big sister what would she do, but before she could, Tonya cut her off. “If they are your true friends they will love you anyways. Don’t worry so much, you’re a pretty girl and plus that’s not attractive and it’s some serious cuties in here. Now bring my Maya back, please?” Maya smiled her sister always knew the right things to say. The two continued on shopping.

“Maya, is that you?” A voice yelled but Maya had no idea who it was. She looked around and there was Trina. Trina was the girl from the club; she stood 5’4…thick in the hips and plumped in all the right paces. Tonya watched Maya as she stared at Trina she knew something was up with that. Maya tried to gather her thoughts and say something but her words escaped her. Trina ran up and hugged Maya so tight. Maya finally said “hi” and looked at her sister and tried to regain her composure. “I never got your number last night, what’s up with that?” “Oh, nah it’s a long story but I’m sorry and I will try my best to make it up to you.” Just as Maya finished her sentence Jas, one of her best friends turned the corner.


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