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What’s your favorite true story that you enjoy sharing with others?


Mines would have to be the day my girlfirends and I were at a Philly nightclub called Solo at that time. When Mike Jones came down to showcase his new album, and do his Hit ‘Drop and Gimme 50’

My home girl from North Carolina was in the building she got his attention quick. She hit that split and was shaking her thang. He stopped… looked. Told them to cut the music and came down to meet her.

He asked the DJ to play that back…and she did it again. He went crazy!! Needless we paid for no drinks that night. And Mike Jones is a really cool dude, not because he brought us drinks but we was a down to earth person.

But yeah that was one of my many true stories!




Founder and Co-Host of G.F.T Radio show, and author of my personal blog Unreservedly Me (both on wordpress). I been writing for years so blogging is nothing new to me.

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