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Day 21: Turn on’s and off’s

I hate doing list like this… But I will give it a shot.

Turn Ons

Sexy Lips
The “V”

Turn Offs

Sloppy Eaters


Founder and Co-Host of G.F.T Radio show, and author of my personal blog Unreservedly Me (both on wordpress). I been writing for years so blogging is nothing new to me.

4 thoughts on “Day 21: Turn on’s and off’s

  1. Sloppy eaters and peeps who smack when they eat. Man that kills me! I’m also turned off by peeps who get all in her space to talk to me.

    I’m turned on by women who are nymphos, smell good, make me laugh and possess sweet souls. That is gold. I’m also turned on by “moments.”


      1. Moments are like spur of the moment things and feelings that I tend to go with, cause it makes me feel alive. That’s probably the best way to describe it. It’s like some things I know can’t possibly last, so i refer to as a moment in time. Do that make sense?

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