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Day 16: If the world were to end tomorrow…

This one was a long title as well, it is: “If the world were to end tomorrow, what would you do with your remaining time on earth?”

Tomorrow is never promised..

It would be like Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner. Spending it with the people who really matter to me and letting them know that I’m thankful to have known them and loved them the way I do. Also, thank God for allowing me to live the life I’ve had lead.


2 thoughts on “Day 16: If the world were to end tomorrow…”

  1. Well said.

    I too view things in a “tomorrow is never promised” sort of way. So I’d continue to do my best, getting the most out of today. I’d also spend time with close family and friends, reflecting upon the good memories we’ expectations shared.

    Touching post.

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