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Day 7: Do you read? What are your favorite books?

I love reading!! I have so many books I love but I do have books that I can read over and over again. And they are:

If I Should Die Before I Wake by Han Nolan

Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

My Coworker Lurea McFadden wrote a quite a few books check those out I like them…click here



These are the only once I can think of right now.


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2 thoughts on “Day 7: Do you read? What are your favorite books?

  1. I read one of Anne Frank books in an elementary class. I remember it being good. If not, I couldn’t have finished reading the book. I clicked the link and agree that your co-worker has quite a collection.

    There are some former bloggers who’ve written some good reads.

    I plan to read at least 3 books over the holidays.

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