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Day 3: Your day, in great detail

I think this one gets all up in my business. So I will save you the trouble. I woke up, washed my cheeks and gave my son his shower. Yelled at my 13 year old, and after all that rushing we all were dressed and out the door. Not before I took this “Hello” selfie for the gram(IG)!


Hi Guys!!
Hi Guys!!

Out the door late of course, but I made it to drop my Potato off after daycare. Now I’m typing this up at work, so yes I’m working!

After work I will be going home to cook dinner and then take the kids to my niece’s Buddha holiday concert. She plays the violin.. I call her college kid because her mannerism give the preppy vibe. Then I believe I will be hoping to catch my shows and praying “Supernatural” will show re-runs so I can get caught up. Bathe and then taking my cheeks to sleep!!

Okay now that’s all you’re gonna get! LOL


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