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Day 2: 10 Likes & Dislikes




  1. Shoes
  2. The Beach/Nature
  3. Iced/Sweet Tea
  4. Writing
  5. Music
  6. Dancing
  7. Playing Spades
  8. Taking Hot Baths
  9. Being a Mom
  10. Being an asshole at times



  1. Close Minded People
  2. Donald Trump
  3. Butt Pads (Beyoncé)
  4. People who are in charge but have no clue as to what they are doing.
  5. Bad Odors
  6. Clutter
  7. Nagging People
  8. Copy Cats
  9. Sloppy Work
  10. Grown kids


Founder and Co-Host of G.F.T Radio show, and author of my personal blog Unreservedly Me (both on wordpress). I been writing for years so blogging is nothing new to me.

6 thoughts on “Day 2: 10 Likes & Dislikes

  1. I feel you on grown kids. Man. It takes a lot for me to hold my tongue with some of my young relatives. My sister’s kids are grown, too, but they hold their tongue with me.

    Why do you like being an asshole at times?

    And Sunny, you know you can’t play no spades! Lol.


    1. Sure can play spades, don’t play you don’t know until you get your ass handed to you!!

      I like it because the world needs us (asshole). To balance this world out. LOL

      Yes, I have to hold my tongue a lot of times.


  2. Too funny @ to add balance to the world. I can dig it.

    And you TALK like you can play spades…but I gotta see it. I love playing spades. It be like Kings of Comedy.


    1. Yes indeed. I’m a trash talker too. Lol it’s like playoff season I got names for all the whiney people who blame someone else because they can’t count their books.


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