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Escape Room

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So this past weekend was epic!! Enjoyed my time with the ladies and thenĀ a group of couples went out to do a zombie escape room!! It was a so much fun, we exercised even if we didn’t want to (all that running from the zombie). I found out I’m good at figuring out clues and stuff… to distracted theĀ zombie we had to sing, dance or tell a joke. My bestie did most of the sing. Overall it was a great experience!! Definitely, an ice breaker to a great night!! I definitely, wanna find another one that is just as fun!!


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“I’m On A Boat”

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This was me and 19 years of age…with my mini me…and yes I may look like a boy but I had to grow into this cute face you guys see now…lmao


The pic above this is us now… wow how time flies…she will be a high schooler soon… pray for me… she is already talking about cars.

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Pillow Fight 2016

Another successful year of pillow fighting!! Brought my daughter and niece. They had fun.

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