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My Response To Last Weeks Aftershow…

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Day 29: Sky View

Saw this view of the sky when I was leaving BJs. 

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Day 22: From Where I Stand

My View From Work! The Capital City of NJ!! #IAMTRENTON



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Escape Room

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So this past weekend was epic!! Enjoyed my time with the ladies and thenĀ a group of couples went out to do a zombie escape room!! It was a so much fun, we exercised even if we didn’t want to (all that running from the zombie). I found out I’m good at figuring out clues and stuff… to distracted theĀ zombie we had to sing, dance or tell a joke. My bestie did most of the sing. Overall it was a great experience!! Definitely, an ice breaker to a great night!! I definitely, wanna find another one that is just as fun!!


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Is religion/political views a dating deal breaker? Pt. 2 02/16 by G-F-T Radio

How serious do you take you religion and political views when it comes to dating? Can they be deal breakers? We aren’t talking about the superfical dating, dating with intent to marriage and having child. Join us for this interesting discussion, our phone lines will open up at 10:15pm (est) so please call in 657 383-1155. Of course we will be taking questions via twitter @gft_radio Also before we kick off the topic of the night we will be honoring some people for Black History Month. So be sure to tune in!

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