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TMI Moment

bitmoji1574411736It is my blog, and I post what I want. So read at your own risk. LOL


So due to circumstances I have been in a drought. Haven’t seen wang in many moons. For a while it wasn’t getting to me. As of lately, I’ve had several sex dreams about random people I know and I wake up like, “5 more minutes, it was just getting to the good part!”

I understand that I choose this path, but boy oh boy its hard out here for a pimp. Nah, I’m not a pimp I just like singing that song, “whoop that trick, get em”. Anyways, I find myself getting turned on my random things. LOL.

Any songs about sex… boy I swear!!

The one song that sticks out for me, and I swear when I tell y’all I be sanging this song. I BE SANGING THIS SONG…

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Fuck It!

bitmoji1873194955Sometimes you just have to throw your hands up and say “Fuck It”! This week I had to do that! When you try to hard to do something and keep getting met with a brick wall, you just have to say “Fuck It”.

In these past few weeks of training for my new title, I was ‘supposed’ to be training folks to do the things I was previously doing and will no longer be doing. All that while learning my new job. Fun right? Nah, I thought it would be fought with some issues. But you can force someone to learn something they are so hell bent on not learning. You would think my work was Rocket Science or something.

At one point, I was told “I’m doing my job and yours.” I wanted so badly to say, no it’s your job now. But I didn’t, I got so frustrated I bitched about it all yesterday. I spoke with my boss and explain the situation so I can cover my ass. Today, I walked into work like if you wanna learn I’m here, if not that’s cool too. Needless to say, I spent the bulk of my day learning my new job.

I’m a faster learner and if I don’t understand I will ask questions. My new unit seems pleased with my ability to learn efficiently and effectively. That is great for me, I see more promotions in my future.

I wrote this post to vent but help someone, if they are experiencing the same as me. I know its nothing new. But know that as long as you attempted to do your job, you can’t help it if those who are put in places to learn don’t want to learn. At that point the manager should be made aware and you move on. Unless instructed otherwise.

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How I Feel

Pardon the break I have been on, but I have so much on my plate right now… The last thing on my mind is blogging. But I’m pretty sure blogging is exactly what I need. I have to tell you guys what has been going on with me. So stay tuned I will get time to blog…

Until then….

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I’m Horny..


I’m horny! There I said it! 😟 Its been years since I’ve had any.. So you can understand my frustration. Yes, I’ve had offers but do I even wanna open those can of worms… Maybe..maybe not.

I’m surprised it’s been this long…probably why I’m mean. Lol.. I’m a flirt but that’s just me. But as far smacking cheeks and any other thing nope I’ve had none.

At this point if and when I do get some, I doubt I will be the one getting fucked. Lol what’s did you not read the title of my blog. 😡😦

I’m ranting but I will still remain horny until I burst or climb a tree. Most people won’t get that last part but if you do *high five*

Hornfully typed…


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It’s Always That One


Everyday most of us have to wake up from the wonderful world of sleep and get ready to go to that place that helps us barely maintain our lives. You know it pays the bills, provides for the kids and things of that nature. Some may even enjoy our jobs while other simply hate going to that hell hold of a work place.

I’m one of those people who escape my life and kids by going to work! LOL. So even though work comes with its ups and downs I’m grateful to have an escape from mommy duties. Don’t get me wrong I love my kids they are the best thing that ever happened to me, but if you have kids you understand what I mean. And if you don’t just pray that those days don’t come anytime soon. Also dealing with a teenage girl and a boy in his terrible twos then you understand.

But that isn’t what this post is about. This post is about coworkers. We all have them. Some we like and some we do not like. Some that we love but their work ethics suck and so on. In case you don’t know I work in Payroll. Every call we get is our fault. Garnishments are our fault and etc. So days can be good and days can be bad. But when you have coworkers who have been working with you, in the same area doing the same work and have been there for 20+ years (prior to you getting there). You cannot asked them anything because common sense isn’t common and they have no clue how to do anything. Work can become extremely frustrated.

Those coworkers are the one who almost always looking for a raise, but cannot answer a basic question. If someone calls and is mad (usually that is the normal) they go into a panic and completely stop listening and starts looking for someone to help. Once sure I will help, but everyday nope grow a damn backbone. LOL

I don’t know guys but I needed to vent…