I’m up at 12:58am knowing damn well I should be sleep. Guess it SVU on Netflix until my old ass take it down!! 


Vamp Life

I miss my boo thing, I wish I could be wrapped in his arms. 😔 Stupid training! I understand but I miss him more than I realized I would.


Usually when you can’t sleep and you post on social media about it you fall fast asleep. So I’m hoping this theory is right. It’s 2am and I have to wake up at 5 something in the morning. 

So here goes nothing… 😴😴😴😴😴😴

Late Night Flow


Up late night editing our show… Hope you guys listened… If not check it out by clicking this link. You can also catch up on past shows..

If your up drop me and line and tell me what your doing…

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