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Do Republicans Even Care About Sexual Assault?: The Daily Show

I have spoken about this many times, I don’t understand how they seem to think it’s okay to not only vote him in but don’t hold him accountable for his actions. All these others are getting asked to step down and resign yet he backs other predators and gets away with his crimes against women.

I feel bad for those people in his office that have signed up to clean up his mess. Actually, I don’t they knew damn well what they sign up for! They allowed this reality star in the white house and this is what they get!

But the question remains as Trevor presented do the Republicans care about this?

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Day 8: Something Your Reading


I decided to get his book because I love his show, and I respect his opinions on how things are done. I have posted quite a few clip of him on my social media as well as my blog. I wanted to read his story, because from what I have heard up until now has been very interesting and so far so good.

You should buy it by clicking here

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Trevor Noah talks with Tomi Lahren

She still didn’t answer the question, How should black people voice their grievances? Since we already heard the many ways that they shouldn’t.

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When Is the Right Time for Black People to Protest?

Gotta love Trevor Noah for getting to the whole truth and the point!