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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 4


“It’s about damn time.” Jas said after looking at Brandy then over at Maya. Brandy was shocked and confused. “Wait? Jas, you knew? Maya you told her before you told me?” “No, I didn’t I been afraid to tell you guys, I didn’t want to lose our friendship.” Jas laughed and said “I kind of sensed that about you, and the other night at the club confirmed it. You mean to tell me you’re really shocked Brandy?” Maya stood there trying to figure out how Jas could sense she was bisexual. “No, I’m truly shocked.” Brandy finally said. Maya, blurted out, “What you mean by you sensed that about me?” “I don’t know but you gave me that vibe, I guess.” Maya seemed confused but didn’t want to keeping pressing her bestie about it.

Brandy suggested that they all head to the mall, but Maya declined claming she wanted to clean up around the house and maybe head to the gym. She really didn’t want to clean, but she needed an excuse to stay home. Jas’ comment really got to her. She wondered if Jas wasn’t surprised and “sensed” that she was bisexual, then could her family know the truth too. She got so frustrated and grabbed her gym bag, bottle of water and car keys she figured that working out would help take her mind off of things.

She opened her door and there was Akil. Akil sensed that something was bothering Maya, he asked “Are you okay?” Maya’s face said no, but she replied “Yes, I’m fine thanks.” Akil knew she wasn’t stating the truth and offered to take her mind off whatever it was. “I wanted to thank you again for the sugar.” ‘You’re welcome…I really need to go. Is there anything else you need?” Maya couldn’t believe herself for being so short with Akil but she was not herself at that moment. Akil looked down and smile at Maya and said “No, I guess I will catch you later.” Maya waved and walked to her car heading to the gym.

On the treadmill, Maya thought to herself. She couldn’t believe what Jas said. Like what could she sense, and who says that? Just then her thought trailed off to how she had treated Akil. He did nothing wrong to her, if anything he was being a sweetheart. Maya tried to think of a way to make it up to him, so she thought a dinner would smooth things out and it would earn her points. Just then she got a text.

Trina: Hey sexy, it’s me Trina…save my number.

Maya: Hi…how did you get my number?

Trina: Saw your sister and she explained everything to me and gave me your number. I hope you don’t mind.

Maya: Not all all… will do @ save your number. At the gym now tho, can I hit you later.

Trina: Sure…ttyl

Maya walked on the treadmill a little longer and decided she needed to head to the grocery store to pick up something simple to cook for Akil. Maya decided on Spanish rice and stew chicken. Once she got everything she needed she headed home to jump in the shower.

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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 2




Maya stood there in shock, a part of her wanted to push Trina away; the other wanted her to be invisible. Suddenly, the night club incident flashed into her head.

Jas, Brandy and Maya were ready to party, after their long work week they wanted to enjoy a ladies night out on the town. It was dollar drink night at their favorite spot and the DJ was hot. “I’ll go grab us some drinks,” Maya said. She went to her favorite bartender B and he made their usual, Rum and Coke. As she went to pay for the drinks, a hand pushed hers away and with a sweet voice said, “I got this.” Maya couldn’t see who it was through the thickness of the crowd. After a brief look around, she headed back to her girls. “What took you so long and why are you making that face?” asked Brandy. “What face? I’m just looking for someone.” But she had no idea who she was looking for, she didn’t like that.

As the night went on, the ladies were feeling buzzed. Maya knew she had to stop drinking because she was the driver. So as the drinks came in, she gave hers to her girls. The DJ begins to play ‘Love in the Club’ and Maya heard a whisper in her ear, “come to the wall.” She immediately looked around but the club was so crowded that she simply decided to do as the voice said.  When she got to the wall, she saw a woman standing 5’4 with a short cut and curves for days. Maya got excited, but tried to remain calm as this woman was approaching her. “Hi, my name is Trina and I’m off you hard. Can I show you something?” Before Maya could say a word, Trina’s booty was all on her, she was grinding her body to the song and Maya’s body followed. Maya didn’t care about anything at this time except to what was going on with her inter workings. The smell of Trina’s body intoxicated her, she was riding this wave. Trina turned around and started kissing her, and she didn’t object. As the song was coming to an end and the club lights came on, Maya realized that the club wasn’t packed anymore. She froze trying to gather her thoughts and figure out where her friends were. In that moment she saw them not too far from her, she wondered if they saw her?

“Maya! Maya! Maya!” Maya snapped out of her flashback and tried to gather her thoughts and quickly replied, “Yes, what’s up?” Tonya snapped her fingers and Maya’s eyes focused and Trina was nowhere to be seen. Tonya explained that Trina had to get back to work so she ran off. Maya didn’t realize that Trina worked in the mall she didn’t even see the name tag on her shirt. She stood there looking confused and then Jas walked up. “Who was that chick?” Jas asked. “Just a friend, haven’t seen her in a while so I was excited to see her.” replied Maya. “She looks familiar… I don’t know. Anyway, what are you doing today? I have this thing I may go to, but I want you to come.” Jas asked. Maya got a bit nervous but said, “I’ll get back to you, okay?” Jas nodded and waved good-bye.

Tonya couldn’t believe what just happened. “Sis, when are you gonna tell them? That was too close; thank God Trina had to get back to work.” Maya nodded her head in agreement, “I think that’s enough drama for today, let’s go home.” Tonya agreed and the two headed for the exit. The whole ride Maya was in her head trying to figure out a way to see Trina again. What she felt when they were around each other was undeniable, something about Trina was attractive and it was more than her appearance.

Maya texted Jas and told her that she wanted to lay low tonight, a quick way to avoid her friend until she had the courage to tell her truth. Maya thought tomorrow would be a fresh start and she was determined to tell her secret before she ran into Trina again.



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Maya’s Two Worlds


Maya Jackson is a 24-year-old female who has decided to no longer hide her true self. Surrounded by a family and friends, who believe her to be something she isn’t. She struggles to find the words and the courage to come out of the “closet” and be who she truly is.

But what happens when Maya’s “coming out” process reveals much more than she expected? And she learns there is more to be told between her and those she holds close.

Travel with Maya through her two worlds, being attracted to men and women full of ups and downs, hits and misses. As she discovers herself in the process and learns a few things that weren’t so clear before


**This was my first attempt at writing a short story.**