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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 10


Maya rushed out the door because she didn’t want to keep her sister waiting. When she reached her sister’s place she sent a text, ‘I’m here.’ Tonya came out and got into Maya’s car. The two settled on Outback Steakhouse. As the waited for their table, Maya looked at her sister and said, “The weekend I just had.” Tonya knew it was gonna be a juicy story. The waiter showed them to their table and after the drinks started flow Maya told Tonya about Trina’s pop up visit. “Chile, she showed up with nothing on and little jacket. I swore I almost attacked her on site that girl know her body worth it!” Tonya had never heard her sister talk like this, she knew Maya liked her. “What happened with Akil? Wasn’t you guys planning a date?” “Yes, this Thursday we are going. But even with him that connection is there. I don’t know what to do Tonya, and Trina knows about him.” “So Akil doesn’t know about her?” “No, I’m trying to figure out a way to tell him.” 

The two finished their meals and talk about what was going on with Tonya. Maya truly enjoyed her time with her sister. The two laugh as the night went on. They left the restaurant and headed to Tonya’s house. Maya dropped off her sister and went home. Once she got to her building she saw Akil outside talking to another guy.

Akil said in Maya’s direction, “Where you going pretty lady?” Maya smiled and turned towards him, “home.” Akil, “I’ll walk you to your door.” He waved at his friend and caught up to her. “The date is set, I know you’re going to enjoy yourself.” “Really?” “Yup, you will see.”

Maya and Akil walked in the direction of her door. Maya, “Akil do you have a minute to talk?” Akil looked at Maya and nodded yes. Maya, “Okay.” She opened the door to her apartment and walked in. She said down on the first couch and patted the seat next to her to gesture Akil to set next to her. Akil sat down and wondered why Maya looked so serious. “Akil, I really like you and I want to continue to get to know you, but I want you to get to know me a little better. I feel as though you need to know something, so you don’t have to hear it from someone else. I have a question and I want you to answer it honestly.” “Okay,” Akil said. “How do you feel about dating a bisexual woman?” Akil looked at Maya, and thought before he spoke, “Its cool if it’s just someone I’m not looking to date seriously.” “Interesting, so if you met a girl you liked and she told you that, would you stop talking to her?” Maya asked and patiently waited his response. “Why are you asking me this, Maya?” “Just wondering is all.” Maya debated in her head and then blurted out, “because I’m bisexual and I want to be honest with you and don’t want to waste your time, after hearing the answer to my question.” Akil took a minute he could see that Maya was worried, “I don’t know how to answer that last question, I have so many questions for you. I don’t know how I feel knowing that, you know. Give me some time to think about it and I will give you my honest answer. Is that cool?” Maya replied, “Ok. Are we still going on our day on Thursday?” sounding hopeful. Akil, “yes, why not?” Maya was relieved for now. She would be worried until he gave her the answer to her questions about her sexuality.




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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 9


Maya opened her door and to her shock Trina was standing there with a light jacket on with nothing else under it. Her C cup breast were exposed and Trina’s caramel skin tone in the night sky and the lights in the complex complimented her. Maya couldn’t even get the words out before Trina grabbed Maya close and kiss her passionately. Maya pushed the door closes as she back into the couch and the both fell right on to it. Maya didn’t know what made Trina show up but at this point she didn’t care.

The two lovers got lost in the essence of each other and devouring the pure emotions that filled the room. Somehow they finally ended up in Maya’s room but never made it to the bed. They woke up in each other’s arms and had a satisfying glow. Maya didn’t want to wake Trina because she looked beautiful when she was sleep. She went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Trina rose smelling the intoxicating aroma that greeted her nose. She walk to the kitchen and Maya was fixing their plate. She thought to herself, “damn she can cook.” She shot Maya a smile as she sat down in front her plate. The two shared light conversation as the shared the meal.

“I have to go, Maya. Can we hang later?” Trina said to Maya. Maya didn’t want Trina to go but she had to clean up and get ready for work. On the way to work, Maya’s mind wondered, so the events of last night. It seems like a flashback that she could feel. She felt the touch of Trina’s lips on her breast and her nipples became hard. Maya’s minds was so much on that night that she forgot that she was at a light and had already turned green. With that she realized many cars going around her and loud yells “Are you stupid?” and horns blazing. She snapped out of it and gained her attention back to the road and made it safely to work.

Maya was so caught up in her work and meetings she wasn’t able to answer her phone when Tonya called her. She wanted to meet for lunch but Maya was swamped with a deadline pressing her. So she sent her sister a text, “Can we meet for dinner?” Maya smiled to herself once her sister sent her a message saying, “Okay.” Maya continued on her work day and was happy to see the clock letting her know it was time to go.

Once Maya got home and started to get settle, she heard a knock on the door. She knew it was Tonya because she was meeting her at the place. So she went to the door and once she opened it, she saw Akil. She immediately started apologizing for ignoring him the other day. “It’s okay Maya, you didn’t look yourself and I was just worried.” Akil said to her with a smile. “Now I came here with a purpose. About our official date, what date would you be free?” Maya smiled and said Thursday. I’m off that day and no plans for the evening.” Akil couldn’t hide his excitement. “Okay, gives me 3 days to set my plan in motion. Until then, Ms. Jackson.” “Okay, bye Akil.” Maya smiled to herself and closed her door.

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Maya’s Two World’s: Chap. 7



Maya pulled up in the parking lot near Trina’s job. She was in her thoughts on how to tell Trina that she wasn’t gay, that she was bisexual. As she walked up to the doors, she stopped to make sure she looked cute. She really like Trina, something about her had Maya intrigued. Trina met Maya at her work station, she looked so nervous and Trina could sense it. As they walked through the mall to the food court they settled on Subway. Maya was so nervous, but then she looked into Trina hazel slanted eyes and said, “Trina I really like you, something about that makes me want to get to know you. That night I met you, you got my attention. I didn’t know what to do, because I had not told my friends what I’m about to tell you. I’m bisexual.” Trina just looked at Maya, she tried to read her body language and started to say something but Maya cut her off. “The other day I came out to my friends, but… I met a guy who I’m interested in as well. I was on a semi-date with him last night when you called. He doesn’t know yet either and I have to find the right time to tell him. I don’t know what to do at this time so I wanna see where things lead, is that okay?” Trina couldn’t believe what she was hearing she never dated a bisexual chic and she didn’t know if she could handle it, she looked at Maya and smiled. “I have to say this would be a first for me, but I’m willing to try. Only because I want you and what I want I usually get so may the best man or woman win.”

The two laughed and talked about random things and lost track of time. Maya enjoyed Trina’s company very much. Trina was very affectionate, but not overly affectionate. Maya kissed Trina playfully as Trina pulled her into the family bathroom. Trina pushed Maya up against the wall and locked the door. Kissing her passionately and Maya didn’t resist, her hands roamed all around Trina’s body. Trina unbuttoned Maya’s top and pulled her supple breast out and began to work her tongue magic. Maya moan with pure pleasure. Time was not on either of their minds. Maya took charge and slammed Trina to the wall and pull her skirt down only to realize she had no panties on. She looked at her in admiration and began to feast on her perfect clit. She enjoyed every minute of it, Trina’s body shook in pleasure and Maya had to stop because Trina was moaning too loud people started knocking on the door. The two gather themselves and Trina looked at her watch. A full hour and half a past, Trina knew she would be in trouble and she kissed Maya softy and exited the bathroom, saying, “Call me later.” Maya shook her head and said, “Ok.” She waited until she thought the coast was clear and left.

On the ride home she decided to tell Tonya what happened. After getting Tonya’s answering machine she decided to just enjoy the music and re-cap what just happened in her mind. She smiled as she pulled up to her building. As she grabbed her bag from the car, Akil walked up behind her and kissed her neck. Maya turned around not sure who was behind her and when to push whoever it was off of her. Akil laughed and said, “It’s me! Calm down.” Maya looked and dropped her hands and smiled. “Did you miss me?” Before Maya could answer the question her phone started ringing. “Hey Maya, it’s me Brandy. Are you busy?” “No, I’m just getting home. Why what’s up?” “I need to talk, can I come there now?” “Sure, no problem see you soon.” Maya hung up the phone, she was confused her Bestie sounded a little upset and she wondered why? “What’s wrong babe?” Akil asked. Maya nodded her head and started walking; she was lost in her thoughts and didn’t even hear what Akil said. Akil realized that Maya wasn’t pay attention and said, “Well I see you’re busy so just hit me when you’re free.” Maya said, “Ok” and headed in the direction of her apartment.




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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 6



Maya pressed the “end call” button. She didn’t hear what Trina said. She looked over at Akil as he re-entered her room. Akil smiled and was starting to say something to Maya but he caught her starting at him. He walked in without his shirt and Maya eyes were more than pleased. He was built not extremely built but enough to grab anyone’s attention. Maya licked her lips and then moved her eyes towards his. Akil said, “I guess you’re not on the phone.” Laughing as he says, “your friends know when to call you huh?” Maya hadn’t heard a word he said, all she saw was his lips moving. “Are you just going to stare at me? Not that I mind, but I did say something. Your friends sure know when to call.” “Oh yeah my friends do know when to call.” She lied. She didn’t know why, but she didn’t want to go there just yet. Akil made his way to her bed, “Look Maya, I really like you and I don’t want to rush you into doing anything. So let’s just lay together, I don’t want to treat you like all those other girls. I want you as something much more. Is that cool?” Maya was floored Akil was so different than the other guys she met and she liked it. So she agreed and laid in the bed, and woke up in his arms.

“Later this week I want us to go on a real date.” Maya said over breakfast. Akil agreed. They quietly ate breakfast and playful looked at each other. When they finished Akil headed back to his apartment and left Maya with a kiss on her forehead.

Maya went to pick up her phone to call her sister Tonya when she realized she had a missed call and text message. It was Trina. The message read, “Why did you hang up when I asked you a question?” Maya didn’t know what Trina was talking about so she called her.

Maya: Hi, Trina. What question did you asked?

Trina: (annoyed) Really?

Trina paced her bedroom, she was extremely pissed. Maya was just going to deny it. She slammed the dresser drawer close; she couldn’t find what she was looking for. “Be right back” kept entering her thoughts. Maya was with a man. She knew Maya hadn’t come out to her friends, but what was her excuse for hanging with a man. Trina grabbed her work clothes and headed to the shower.

She looked at herself in the mirror. She really looked at herself and wondered what woman wouldn’t want her. She grabbed her car keys and headed to work. As she listening to Usher’s “Got it Bad” she heard her phone go off… she looked at the name and answered quickly.

Trina: Hey sexy!

Maya: Hey Trina, I’m sorry I really didn’t hear you question. What was it?

Trina: What were you doing last night?

A little taken back by Trina jealous tone, Maya cautioned her words and said. “Can I meet you for lunch?” Trina gave in, she couldn’t say no to Maya she really like her and could just picture her juicy lips mouthing the words. “Okay.”

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Maya’s Two Worlds: Chap. 5



As she pulled up to her building she saw Akil; he was talking to another tenant. Maya walked up with her bags and said, “Excuse me, but Akil can I talk to you for a minute?” He nodded and said excuse me to his friend. “Yes?” “Did you eat dinner yet?” Akil looked confused but pleasantly surprised. He did eat something earlier, but he lied and said, “No, why are you making me something?” “Well, I wanted to apologize for being short with you earlier, I was just frustrated and I wanted to make it up to you by cooking dinner. I just came from the gym so if you could come to my apartment in two hours I will have everything ready.” Akil blushed it was the first time a girl had ever offered to cook for him, so he smiled and said “OK. It’s a date.” Maya smiled back and said “Cool, see you then.”

Akil took the bags from Maya and walked her to her apartment. After she got settled he said, “How about I help you cook?” Maya said “Okay, but I have to shower first… you can get things together. I, I mean WE are going to make Spanish rice and chicken. Is that cool?” Akil nodded and continued unloading the groceries. Maya headed back to her room to find something comfortable to put on and turned the shower on. While in the shower, she couldn’t believe Akil was in her house. He was so fine and he liked her, but then she wondered would he still like her if he knew the truth about her. Many of her boyfriends enjoyed her being bisexual but never really took her seriously. She turned the shower off and quickly got dressed.

“Do you need help in there?” Akil yelled. “No, I’m coming.” Maya came into the kitchen and prepared herself to help Akil get the pots out. They made light conversation as they prepared their meal. After everything was done, they made their way to the living room to watch a movie and eat. The two settled on watching “Takers”. Akil glanced over at Maya and when she caught him, he smiled and turned back to watch the movie. Maya couldn’t believe he was in her house and as her thoughts wander off, Akil gave her a blank stare. Maya then realized he asked her a question. “What? I’m sorry what did you say?” “I said, what is a pretty girl such as yourself doing single?” Maya laughed because she knew this question may come up. She smiled and said, “Waiting for my ‘him’… is that a good answer?” Akil looked confused. Maya said, “I am her… so I need an him”. Akil looked at her and said, “you may have just found ‘him’, but can you handle him?” Maya smiled and looked back towards the television pondering the thought of her and Akil.

Akil got into the movie and decided to get comfortable and lay down on the couch and told Maya to lay down with him. Maya followed his lead and something about Akil felt so comfortable. Akil lay behind her with his arms wrapped around her, his lips was so close to her ear so when he spoken she got excited. He looked a Maya in awe she was beautiful, as he held her soft body he couldn’t help get a little excited, he tried to refrain from it but he couldn’t help it, so he kissed her ear and then moved slowly down to her neck. Maya’s body responded to Akil’s kisses, she tried to fight it but her body betrayed her. She knew she didn’t want to rush things, and neither did Akil. He really liked her and didn’t want to treat her like just another girl. Maya turned to him and said “As much as I want to I don’t want to rush things.” Akil nodded in agreement and Maya looking into his perfect brown eyes and his soft lips, and just went for it. The excitement of their tongues as they touched one anothers was all the more pleasurable. Akil picked Maya up and headed to her bedroom. Both were too caught up in the moment to think, all they knew is they both wanted each other. On cue the phone rings, Maya doesn’t want to answer it but it kept ringing.

Trina: Hey sexy, are you busy?

Maya: Who is this?

Trina: I take it you didn’t save my number. It’s me Trina. Now answer my question.

Maya: Yes, I am can I call you back?

Trina: I guess.

Just then Akil said, “Be right back.”

Trina: Wait, who was that?