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Our Melody

The melody in my heart beats to the tune of your heart, but who are you? the beat doesn’t sound familiar, tell me why? is if fate? where did this strange melody come from? pump, pump, to the tune in your heart, are we soulmates? but where are you? I know you’re out there, I can feel it in my soul, this feeling makes me weak, this melody, my melody, your melody, our melody, will you know it’s me when you see me? we will meet, are you looking for me? have we already met? if so, why didn’t we notice? our melody, the melody in my heart, the melody in your heart, it’s like a burning desire that will never go away, it’s like food you want, but for some reason can’t have it, I love this melody, our melody, it belongs to us, and no one else, so until I hear your tune, my melody will keep going on and on, and on and on.

Wrote this Jan, 15, 2001

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Off The Top

I crave your attention,

Not to mention your fine as hell,

Given the chance I’d devour you,

Conquer you,

Then make you mine,

We can sit and play games,

But I’d rather you make me cream and scream,

We can play this word game all day,

That only heighten the attraction,

But I’d love to see your reaction when I take ya soul,

Keep playing,

I’m not bullshittin’ cuz once the opportunity knocks,

I’ll answer. 

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I’mma Need You To Speak Up

**Wrote this on June 22, 2010.**

I’mma need you to speak up and tell me what you want from me,

You got me so comfortable with being around you yet I’m lost in transaltion,

Your actions speak one language,

While your words speak another,

Too many mixed signals,

I’mma need you to speak up and tell me what you want from me,

Cuz you want me to only want you,

But you want me, her and that girl who lives a little bit closer to you,

In there lies the problem,

No committment,

Feelings are bound to get hurt,

I’mma need you to speak up and tell me what you want from me,

Becuz while you being silent I’m pulling away,

I can’t sit here and play this game,

I’m too old and too cute to settle for someone like you,

So fuck you speaking up,

I’m speaking up…

And I refuse to settle for less…

Becuz I deserve the best!



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Black Women Scare Me

Black women scare me
They scare the hell out of me
If she is strong and confident
I feel powerless and weak around her
The most secure she is the terrified I am
She intimidates me
Her strong presence gives me the chills
I don’t respect her I fear her
Black women scare me
Their beauty is breath-taking and their powerful vibes give me pause
Black women scare me
My mother scared me for years
Her strong presence kept me on pins and needles
I never saw her sweat or drop a tear
I knew her anger all too well
When it seethed out I ran
I went into hiding until that powerful beast went away
I did not know how to take her
I was always praying I did not make her mad
Black women scare me
Don’t piss her off….ever
The stronger she is the more I dance on eggshells
She is superior to me
And I am not worthy of her love
Black women scare me
I feel inferior because I lack confidence and strength
I lack emotional strength
When I cry I feel so weak
Although I am sensitive being vulnerable makes me feel weak as well
Black women scare me
She scares me because I wish so badly to be just like her
I want to ask her how did you get so strong but I am afraid
Afraid her response will crush me
Black women scare me
Ain’t I a black woman?
Shouldn’t I be strong and proud too!
Please black woman teach me how to be just like you.

Neisha Kelly
“Never let a dream be deferred.”
COY Magazine