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Sex w/ Sunny: Doing Something v. Doing It Because You Enjoy Doing It


Sorry about the title, the length could not be avoided. I find myself having this conversation more than I expected. So I will put this question out there just to see what your reply would be.

Can you tell the difference from someone doing something to please you or do something because they enjoy doing it? Or do you believe that if they only enjoy it because you enjoy it?

I’m a firm believer that if you do something just because someone (your mate/spouse) likes it, it’s not enjoyable to them as much as it would be if you yourself enjoyed performing the act itself.

You enjoy getting oral. So your mate gives you oral.


Your mate/spouse enjoys giving oral, so they give you oral.


Can you tell the difference? Is there a noticeable difference?


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Sex w/ Sunny: 3somes


Yesterday while scrolling down my TL I saw this post…

“If it’s 2 guys and 1 girl is it still a threesome?”

Many argument were made about this. The word “Double Standard” was tossed around. So I pose this question to you.

Would you consider, 2 guys and 1 girl a threesome? Or it is only a threesome when its 2 females and 1 guy?

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New Series Alert!


So if you know me from my old blog, I think I wanna bring my series, Sex w/ Sunny to this blog. You’re in for a real treat, I know most people think talking about sex is taboo. I’m one of those people who think it needs to be talk about. If we open the lines of communication and help one person understand something or learn something, why not?

Now I’m no expert but I know things from personal experience and others from friends experiences. You know we all talk, and my friends and I have talks about sex almost all the time, we want advice or input from our friends.

The twisted to this series will be, you guys can shoot me questions and I will post it here and I will answer as well as those who want to drop a lines as well. You can remain anonymous or not, totally up to you. Some topics I will come up with myself, or usually after an interesting conversation was had with friends that don’t mind me sharing it with you guys. Of course names and stuff will be changed. I asked that you be respectfully at all times.

So stay tuned…


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